About Waitoa Beer

At Waitoa we love doers, those who get out there, embrace the elements and support their local community.


A bit about us

From our home in Hataitai we create bold and fresh takes of tried and true classics with an unapologetically Aotearoa flavour. You won’t find anything pretentious or gimmicky in our brews. We believe in keeping it simple and letting the product (and awards) do the talking. It’s even in our name, which can be interpreted as ‘strong water’.

We get involved with and support our local communities and take pride in creating places where people from all walks of life are welcome. Our recipe is pretty simple: good beer plus good people leads to great things.

How it all started

Four mates walked into a bar. A brewer, an accountant, an entrepreneur and a musician. They asked each other if Wellington could do with yet another brewery and against all odds (and advice) decided to give it a crack. What started sounding like a bad joke, ended as a great success. It turned out that the different talents at the table would be just the right recipe. Since then Waitoa has been putting bold ideas and collaborative spirit at the heart of our business.  


Shiny things


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